What is BlackSwan PreCog?

What you need to know about BlackSwan PreCog - The premisces


Black Swan PreCog started through a personal project of helping save people's lives

BSPG assumes that, when a civilization like mankind is reaching a certain impact threshold on Earth, it is supposed that it has to go successfully through a certain amount of crises in order to succeed to survive or even thrive. This creates stress on the living environment of people.
One thing has become clear, mankind is exerting a certain amount of stress on it’s native environment, due to various obvious reasons. This can create nefastuous conditions where human lives can be lost. This is what BSPG has been created for: detecting catastrophic events where human losses may occur, characterize them and implement an avoidance path that can be communicated successfully.

Doing it the BlackSwan PreCog Way

We are working on a series of AI engines with the purpose of detecting "tensions" arising from a nefastuous event from the future that is detectable in the present time. From there, when a "singularity event" has been detected, it has to be caracterized in order to simply learn what nature the event will be. Once that is successfully implemented, the AI system can implement recommendations for an an avoidance path. The system then can issue a recommendation to your practician or to yourself directly.

Doctor and patient