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How to benefit from our expertise?

A global check-up followed by monthly adjustements if needed.


A single interview can lead to wonderful results

BSPG-Health analyses your current condition in a fluid one-to-one interview.

Your confidential personal file built upon this interaction serves as a building ground for the reference of therapists and at-home practices.

Our therapeutic team of graduated and expert therapists from all major streams in psycho and body therapy are available for you, but you remain the master of your choice and you may consult the therapists of your choice.

We hold your hand to guide you to relief

BSPG-Health follow-up unique approach can help you navigate through the process of pain reduction and identify the interventions that are most effective for your unique circumstances. There are so many factors involved, and no solution can be fully predicted without an in-depth analysis of the result of every step taken; therefore our monthly follow-up is the last-chance solution for you if all previous diagnoses failed to deliver.

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