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This is our Project Page, describing other projects we are working onto. It's a great opportunity to help our visitors understand the context and background of our latest work. in virtuous AI development. Become VIP >

and learn about our futuristic research

Project BSPG-Health

BSPG-Med has become our main concern and concentrates on individuals suffering from a brim outcome in their health condition leading to a low-survival prospect. The virtuous AI system is designed to work scientifically to help find/detact a better/best outcome for patients critically ill in search of risk mitigation and negative outcome avoidance.

Paramedic Filling a Questionnaire

Project AJX+BSPG

AJX+BSPG is a merging of projects of original food industry Ajinomatrix and of BSPG as of saving lives - hence, a virtuous AI system helping to prevent heavy food crisis in the food and beverage industry.

Preserved Food

Project BSPG-Individual

While originally designed to address life-threatening singularities in extreme natural conditions like the Alps, BSPG-Individual now extends its protective reach to everyday scenarios. Imagine a GPS application in your car that incorporates BSPG technology, enabling real-time risk assessment. It can suggest safer routes or even advise against traveling on certain days, ultimately reducing the risk of casualties and promoting your well-being

Driver Crash

Project BSPG-Civilization

BSPG-Civilization represents our most ambitious endeavor, dedicated to the preservation of human civilization itself. Through advanced technology and data analysis, we aim to mitigate the risk of catastrophic events like asteroid impacts, biodiversity collapse, and climate-related disasters. Our mission is to provide rapid detection and proactive measures to ensure the survival and thriving of humanity in the face of existential threats

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