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Welcome to our shop! On this page you can either become VIP Member or you can become a followed-up Case of BSPG-Health! legal conditions >

Case subscription to BSPG-Med

$12.00 per month
In stock
Product Details

If you have a medical case that you want to submit to the system, directly or for someone else, you can purchase a monthly subscription for $12/months. For the moment we accept new cases.

This subscription entitles you to an onboarding interview to estabilsh an wide-ranging inventory of your condition, evaluation of it by our pseudo-system, until our prototype is entirely developed, under a controlled environment.

The pseudo-system then submits recommendations to you and you are free to submit those to your practicians. We plan to implement practician contact for our cases progressively, but it is not implemented yet.

The montly payment entitles you to a follow-up on your request.

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