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Presentation of BSPG and it's Projects

Black Swan Precog (BSPG) has developed an expert AI prediction algorithm for use in detecting Black Swan events early to prevent the catastrophic impact on human lives.

The technology behind BSPG AI system is a game changer and is currently being used in the detection of events that can lead to the loss of life. This technology is already operational in a highly experimental mode, as confirmed by a paper issued by the Pentagon. However, BSPG is looking to make this more of reality and is currently proofing the process for scientific publications.

BSPG is committed to successfully scaling this state-of-the-art method with the first advancement being in leveraging the comprehensive technology to help with detection of terminal weather-related events (BSPG-Earth). Then with additional analysis and testing to focus on added use cases to show more of the systems theoretical capabilities. These cases include:

Project BSPG-Med: An AI system designed to help identify and detect outcomes for clinically ill patients

Project BSPG+AJX: A lucrative partnership with food industry innovator, Ajinomatrix, to prevent food crisis

Project BSPG-Individual: A system that concentrates on individuals and the potential for loss of life in extremely weather conditions (e.g. survival in the Alps)

Project BSPG-Automotive: A singularity radar system that is installed inside of a car (or other mode of transport) that anticipates when there is a heightened risk for an accident

If you would like to discover more about these comprehensive technological solutions. As well as the plan to generate knowledge that can determine the path of catastrophic events and save millions of lives, please sign up using here to help support the AI research and big picture insights.

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