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Sarah Lemaire, Ethical head at - Free will vs Determinism - BSPG's ethics?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Free will vs. determinism

The idea of BSPG is to perceive in the events of the present tensions that will generate human losses.

In other words, it is to use Artificial Intelligence to "See Days In Advance".

On the continuity of the initial work of Kira Radinsky, BSPG proposes an AI trying to prevent certain disasters that cause human losses. This approach is based on a modification of the space-time fabric preceding such an event, a "glitch" in the matrix, as Neo can see it in the Matrix movie.

The theory was originally written for presentation to Prof. Roger Nelson of Princeton University, and goes like this: if a future event causes human casualties, it is possible to perceive a disturbance in space-time related to it. Now if this singularity is captured, the theory states that it contains a complete set of information, necessary 1/ to characterize the event to which the singularity refers (the event that causes human deaths) and 2/ to contain the information necessary to avoid it, to make it a branch of the unexplored future, thus in practice, to avoid these deaths. (what information? database, theory, paradigm)

Indeed, in Quantum Physics and the fractal state: everything is in everything. The information is already present around us, the difficulty is to know how to make the right parallels between synchronicities (cfr Article of Eric Pajot's on BSPG's Blog)

Quantum physics covers all the fields of physics where the use of the laws of quantum mechanics is a necessity to understand the phenomena at stake. Quantum mechanics is the fundamental theory of the particles of matter constituting the objects of the universe and of the force fields animating these objects.

Quantum mechanics is the branch of theoretical physics that succeeded quantum theory and wave mechanics to study and describe the fundamental phenomena at work in physical systems, especially at the atomic and subatomic scales.

The fractal structure of the universe has been proven in various forms. What interests us here is to perceive the infinite while we are finite beings. The idea of the fractal implies that a pattern repeats itself at different scales.

More to follow!

Sarah Lemaire

Ajinomatrix Ethical Head

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